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The real email scandal lies neither within the Democrat party nor in the careless confines of John Podesta's G-mail account. The real scandal is buried inside the emails sent by Hillary Clinton over her home-brew server. The FBI quietly released a number of documents detailing their investigation into Hillary's emails and it reveals what Vladimir Putin must already know, that the Secretary of State provided Moscow with a plethora of fine intelligence information.

The FBI report noted that the kind of classified information Russia certainly obtained involved SECRET details from the CIA, NSA, Dept. of Defense, FBI, and the "National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency". This last little known agency provides photos and intercepts of foreign communications obtained by the trillion dollar network of US satellites.

Thus, Hillary's emails gave the Kremlin crucial details to foil our satellites, blinding them from imagery and making the deaf to high-level communications intercepts. The Russians are certainly already making use of this information and US intelligence officials are also certainly aware that the Clinton leaks are the root cause to their suddenly deaf, dumb and blind space-based assets.

Another key element is that much of Hillary's email data involved the actions of foreign governments. The FBI reports noted that good portions of her emails were "NOFORN" or not to be released to any foreign national. In addition, some of the SECRET emails involved the so-called "5 EYES" or the alliance of the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US. This kind of critical data usually indicates a military flavor, since the 5 EYES partnership is a military pact, something I am sure the Russian Army and Navy would enjoy.

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So how was Moscow made aware of Hillary's email account? The answer to this question is easy: by her own hand.

Clinton often used her unsecure email via her unsecure Blackberry phone while outside the US. The FBI could not determine exactly where Clinton sent her emails from because the State Department refused to supply an hour by hour accounting of the whereabouts of the Secretary of State while she traveled. It is known, however, that Hillary sent and received emails from President Obama's classified email address while traveling in Russia. In response, Hillary told the FBI she "received no particular guidance as to how she should use President Obama's email address."

One can safely assume that the Russian GRU and FSB intelligence services were adept enough to monitor all communications from the visiting Secretary of State. In fact, for them not to monitor Clinton while she traveled across the Russian landscape would have been very much out of character. Yet, Clinton even took the time to send an email to her aide Huma Abedin while tooting around St. Petersburg. Her personal Blackberry phone, the source of the emails, and the communications protocol used by her email system made it all but impossible to miss her login ID and password.

Still, Clinton also provided ample opportunity for various intelligence agencies to listen in on her email chains while at work inside D.C. Clinton would often take her Blackberry into her State Department office, despite the fact that regulations prohibit carrying unsecure electronics into the "Mahogany" row - nickname for the floor of the ruling elite. Clinton ignored this regulation by stepping outside her office and onto the balcony to exchange emails.

As any HAM radio geek with a Radio Shack degree can tell you, stepping out into the open, where you are visible from a number of other locations, makes you a virtual sitting duck to cell phone hacking. Even amateur cell phone hackers with little more than a cobbled together radio equipped laptop and a coffee can antenna can intercept your cell phone, hack it and watch everything going on - if you are standing in the line of sight.

It wasn't as if the Department of State or the NSA didn't offer her secure devices. In fact, Clinton turned down all offers to get off the Blackberry. Clinton even took the time to delay the installation of a new email system that recorded all emails for FOIA purposes. The State Department electronics boys were basically told to install the new email system everywhere except for Clinton and her high level appointees.

The FBI was not able to determine if Clinton's Blackberry or other mobile devices were hacked because... well she couldn't find 13 of them to turn over. According to the documents, Clinton would become frustrated with a new model of her Blackberry phone and eventually dump it in favor of an older one which she could use. The newer Blackberry, which contained copies of emails and all her login information would often disappear into some unknown universe and would never be seen again.

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Now the carelessness does not stop there. The FBI showed Hillary a classified SECRET/NOFORN email that she sent on December 27, 2011 and asked her why she sent it. Hillary responded that it was not a violation of national security because "no policy or practice existed for communicating around the holidays".

Thus, national security was on holiday as Clinton sent her SECRET/NOFORN email during the Christmas break. To make matters worse, Hillary told the FBI that even if the email was made public that "it would not cause damage to the US government".

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Now let's make your eyes really water. Clinton did not know her login and password to get into her email account so she relied on her staff to enter the data onto her Blackberry. Not only did the 13 missing devices have her login information but so did most of her staff. She also shared her login and password with her staff to print emails that she requested. So Hillary's email account was logged into from various locations by various people at various times, further compounding an already ridiculous security nightmare.

Huma Abedin would often be asked by Hillary to print important and classified emails. However, since the State Department email system did not allow printing - for obvious security reasons - Huma would forward the classified emails to a personal YAHOO account or to her husband Anthony Weiner's account so she could print them. The fact that a recent hack of YAHOO breached over 1 billion email accounts and Anthony Weiner's laptop contained a large number of Clinton emails should be enough to make any national security officer scream and pound their head on a desk top repeatedly.

Was there evidence that Hillary was hacked? Oh yeah! There were breaches on her email server, and there were numerous attempts to do the same kind of "phishing" sucker emails that struck gullible John Podesta. One breach was so severe that the Clinton IT guy actually had to shut the email system down, a futile and very amateur way of trying to protect it that actually could embed the very hacker virus programs he was trying to keep out. These breaches, the attempts to get past the poor security and the phishing emails are indicative that someone outside the Clinton bubble was trying to get in. However, since the Clinton server was cleansed of all data, the FBI could not examine it to see if there was an actual breach.

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Still, it is worth noting that the email system could also have been breached from within. For example, the Clinton IT guy, Justin Cooper, was accused by Chelsea Clinton of implanting hacker software on various computers attached to the Clinton server as well as monitoring emails to ex-President Clinton. Clearly, Moscow not only had the opportunity to hack Clinton's email system, they also had various means to do so both electronically and by black-mail/payoff of a member on the loyal but underpaid staff - none of whom were cleared to view TOP SECRET US government data.

Now I haven't mentioned the missing laptop with all of Hillary's emails, or the missing USB drive with all of Hillary's emails. For that I need to write another article after I finish beating my head on the desk. I will cover some of those gruesome details in our next exciting episode - THE COVER UP.





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