type in a message in the upper box and a password - to code the message - hit the code button


hit CNTRL C to copy the encoded message in the lower box into your clip board


paste the encoded message from your clip board into what-ever application you wish


to decode - copy and paste the encoded message into the upper box with CNTRL V

Enter the password - make sure to use the entire message including the surrounding < brackets >


hit the decode button - decoded message appears in the bottom box


couple of notes -

The number box in the upper right hand corner allows you to vary the max size of the message - hit the up arrow to increase the max message size. Hit the down arrow to decrease the maxmessage size.

The default max size is set to 70 for a normal twitter style message.

L Mo doubles the size of each message with 1st character being a random key encoded with the password and the 2nd character being the message encoded with the random key. The entire message is surrounded with < brackets > to make sure you cut and paste the full data set.


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