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The major use for hardware random number generators is in the field of data encryption, for example to create random cryptographic keys to encrypt data. They are a more secure alternative to pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs), software programs commonly used in computers to generate "random" numbers. PRNGs use a deterministic algorithm to produce numerical sequences. Although these pseudorandom sequences pass statistical pattern tests for randomness, by knowing the algorithm and the conditions used to initialize it, called the "seed", the output can be predicted. Because the sequence of numbers produced by a PRNG is predictable, data encrypted with pseudorandom numbers is potentially vulnerable to cryptanalysis. Hardware random number generators produce sequences of numbers that are assumed not to be predictable, and therefore provide the greatest security when used to encrypt data.

CYPHER can create random keys by using your PC equipped with either a web camera or the included USB camera hardware. Because of light’s randomness, the camera constantly receives a different number of light particles, also known as photons. This data results in a steady stream of random numbers. This system is known as a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) because the key is generated by the number of photons recorded over time by the camera sensor. The light key is secure because it is created using quantum physics by recording the values of light photons electronically. The light key is similar in performance to keys generated by sensors inside Atomic clocks that detect radioactivity.

The CYPHER utility is designed to cypher and de-cypher any data file on a personal computer using key files or passwords created by the user. The Windows application is fully compatible with the LINUX and Android CYPHER software. Keys created on all systems can be shared. All data cyphered on the LINUX and Android applications can be de-cyphered by the Windows CYPHER software. All data cyphered by the Windows CYPHER software can be de-cyphered by the LINUX and Android applications.


CYPHER can operate using a wide variety of key and password security levels.

Password – First level security:
Cypher and de-cypher messages using a personal password of no less than 6 characters.

User Key File – Second level security:
Any file to be used as a key to cypher and de-cypher. The user selected key file can be any document, picture, music, text or work file.

Crypto Key File - Third level security:
This is a key file created by the CYPHER key maker that utilizes the Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) to create a very large set of random numbers. The Crypto Key maker utilizes several system features such as time, key strokes, and many other variables to randomly seed and create large keys using a mathematical algorithm. The crypto key file is considered to be superior to the User key in that it is much more random.

LIGHT Key File – Highest level security:
The light key is created by the Cypher key maker using a web camera or the included USB camera that measures the number of photons (light particles) detected. This system is known as a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) because the key is generated by the amount of light passing through the camera. The Light key is the most secure because it is created using quantum physics. The camera is also sensitive to Infra-Red (IR) light not visible to the human eye. The Light key is similar in performance to keys generated by sensors inside Atomic clocks that detect radioactivity.

CMOS USB camera included


CYPHER is a symmetrical block cypher private key system that can be used in a ONE TIME PAD mode. This means that you must exchange keys with the individuals you wish to communicate to and use the entire key only ONE TIME. Private key systems are far more secure than any PUBLIC key encryption and the ONE TIME system has been used by US presidents to communicate with Moscow and by the US military to lock down nuclear weapons.


Pentium 4 or later/Athlon or later
Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later


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CYPHER Manual (PDF Format)


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