President Obama has declared war. His declaration is not against evil terrorists who kill people by hacking their heads off. No, the President has declared war against America. Specifically, he has declared war against Americans who use cell phones and computers in their daily lives. It is CRYPTO-WAR II and the President has already fired the opening salvos.

The President made it very clear during a recent speech that the legal siege of Apple by the Department of Justice comes with his approval. He also made it clear that he intends to seek a back door into every computer and cell phone in the U.S. These declarations, couched in terms that he is unfamiliar with, have led to an all-out war between the administration and the information security community.

The White House has unleashed its hounds of legal hell against Apple in a furious assault to defeat any and all security measures implemented by the company. The siege of Apple, led by FBI Director Comey and DOJ Attorney General Lynch, includes a threat to seek Apple's source code by court order if need be.

Of course, once the source is obtained by the FBI, every hacker on the globe will be waiting with baited breath when the invaluable golden code is forced to be revealed during a court case. The source code is evidence and can be subpoenaed by attorneys during a court action, and one prosecution is all it will take. In fact, this has already happened with another FBI attack on the anonymous Internet system TOR where the court is ordering the FBI to reveal its hacking source code much to the delight of various dictatorships who despise Tor for hiding dissidents and democracy protestors.

The sneak attack by Obama has circumvented Congress with an executive Court action. The Obama strategy is the same as employed by Hitler against the French in World War II. Instead of taking on the massive and impenetrable Maginot line of Congress, he has out-flanked them in a swing through the low country of the Court-lands. This stunning move has left the Congress as flatfooted as the French Army in 1940, fighting a desperate retreating action back to Capitol Hill.

The siege of Apple has been quickly followed by a blitz Krieg attack on the secure chat system WhatsApp owned by Facebook and the young billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. The Obama attack on the cyber-commerce of our nation threatens to ruin some companies and subdue others into a lifetime of narrow niche markets. It is hard for those like Zuckerberg who populate Silicon Valley to imagine the president whom they so avidly supported turning on them with a massive attack that threatens to ruin their businesses.

Sorry guys. It's not like you weren't warned. We who were sounding the alarm bells at the Obama escalation on the borders of freedom were not of your political inner-circles. So - not being in your favors - our voices were ignored and the buildup continued unabated until the storm of government soldiers broke loose and invaded your peaceful silicon valley.

The White House has manufactured a massive propaganda campaign coming from the Dept. of Justice and the FBI. That propaganda has labeled any and all who manufacture or produce encryption as evil terrorists hell bent on assisting criminals. The vilification of an entire industry is nothing new to Obama. In fact, he even insulted all American cell phone users by stating that we are "fetishizing our phones above every other value."

Yes, Dear President, some of us do "cling" to our cell phones and we also hold on to Applied Cryptography books - just like others in this great nation who value guns and bibles. However, we have one thing in common. We all love the Constitution. So talking down to us as if you were some elite god-like source is an insult indeed.

The President has given us a false choice of privacy or security. In fact, it is security or oppression. The installation of a back door into every computer and cell phone in America is an easy way to make Chinese Generals wet their pants. It will leave this nation wide open to hackers and foreign powers. We cannot allow a Digital Pearl Harbor no matter who is in the White House.

Of course, this particular White House is not known for being savvy when it comes to information security. In fact, I for one am sick and tired of being called a criminal by the very same Administration that lost 20 million records to hackers because they were too boneheaded to use encryption.

The president displayed this same ignorance by showing that he is unaware that encryption has been around for thousands of years and was employed by the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. His cyber ignorance is matched only by the technophobic fear mongering that simply by passing laws we can change math or alter the fundamental laws of physics. This war is much like the war fought by Galileo to prove the earth does circle the sun. Simply passing a law that encryption is illegal will not make the world flat or safe.

My response to Obama's War on encryption is a swift and resolute one. It is the only real response that will have an impact.

Today, I am unleashing a powerful cyber defense by introducing a cell phone text message application using 4096 bit RSA public keys. The keys are larger than those recently required by the NSA to fend off attacks by some future quantum computer. The system will link automatically, making it easy to use. However, most importantly, this system is designed from the outset to erase the transmission keys when the application is closed. I give the user the ability to create as many keys as they like so recovering data, whether transmitted or stored, becomes a moot point

President Obama, you now have my answer.

One if by Land, Two if By Sea,



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