Clinton Coffee Camera Network

The Clinton administration DENIED the GAO access to the WHCA (CCCN = Clinton Coffee Camera Network) on "national security" grounds last year. The WHCA are the guys behind the White House video cameras. The GAO report on the Travel Office fiasco did not go over well with Hillary. So, having the GAO go over the Coffee Network books put Clinton in an uncomfortable situation. Seems those auditor types like to ask picky questions about fraud, abuse, waste and crime:

"In March of 1994, alarmed by reports of possible fraud, waste and abuse at WHCA, Representative William F. Clinger, Jr., the chairman of the committee, and Representative William H. Zeliff, Jr., the chairman of the subcommittee, requested that the current administration permit the General Accounting Office (``GAO'') to conduct a comprehensive audit of WHCA's operations. Unexpectedly, the Clinton administration strongly and consistently opposed any such audit, on the ground that any inspection of WHCA would create a national security risk."

Next - President Clinton denied the GAO access but finally had to let the Pentagon Inspector General do the audit because WHCA is a military unit:

"Representatives Clinger and Zeliff, along with the GAO, met three times with representatives of the administration, including Presidential Counsel Mikva. The Congressmen and the GAO pointed out that most of the information which would be involved in an audit of WHCA was not classified in any way, and that GAO has effective mechanisms for auditing defense organizations which deal with classified information. Despite these reassurances, the Clinton administration inexplicably blocked an audit for over a year. Finally, in mid-1995, as a result of continued pressure by Representatives Clinger and Zeliff, the administration agreed to let the DOD Inspector General (``IG'') conduct such an audit."

And I'm sure you'll be SHOCKED - SHOCKED to know the IG found gambling, er... Sorry, no gambling just waste, fraud, and abuse. Here is just one sample of $4.9 million Clintonbucks wasted:

"Because WHCA's acquisitions are not reviewed as carefully as they should be, WHCA has made some serious and expensive procurement errors. Recently, at Clinton administration direction, WHCA expended $4.9 million on two air-transportable mobile communications systems that did not meet operational needs. Although the systems were originally designed to accompany the President on most Presidential trips, it soon became apparent that (a) the system, together with its associated personnel and equipment, could not fit on one C-141 cargo aircraft as originally planned; (b) the system could not draw electrical power from many of the hotels visited by the Presidential party; and (c) the interior design of the system made it difficult for a full complement of personnel and communications equipment to operate without mutual interference.(13) Thus, the systems were employed on only 3 of 63 Presidential trips during the period from May to December of 1995. As a result, WHCA chose not to exercise its option to purchase another six systems for an additional $5.5 million; however, the original $4.9 million has already been wasted."

Finally, note the two guys running the WHCA were NOT ALLOWED to testify by the White House. Clinton used the lame excuse "White House officials generally do not testify before Congress". If you will recall, this month a White House lawyer wanted to testify. The White House even had Senator "SPACE MAN" Glenn try to put him on. Yet, it was Senator Thompson who noted that the sessions were not some "bar-room" where anyone strolling in can sit down and start talking.

Still, the White House Communications Agency might prod dear old Jack "I love to comment on FOX news" Quinn to answer a few questions. WAS IT because they might spill the coffee beans on Johnny Huang and all the others that paraded before their cameras? In short, did the White House know the right question to the WHCA might have blown the whole campaign scandal wide open last year?

"Unfortunately, both Ms. Torkelson and Mr. Sullivan unequivocally refused to participate in the subcommittee's hearing. In fact, the subcommittee received two letters from Mr. Jack Quinn, the White House Counsel, summarily stating that neither Ms. Torkelson nor Mr. Sullivan would testify because ``White House officials generally do not testify before Congress.''

In the end... Alas, this is a case where the Republican Congess should have pressed hard and early...

source: A Two-Year Review of the White House Communications Agency Reveals Major Mismanagement, Lack of Accountability, and Significant Mission Creep. House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight

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