Sanford Robertson is a US businessman and a west coast financial banker. He recently sold his firm, Robertson Stephen Company, to Bank of America for well over a billion dollars. Robertson, however, could not remember traveling to China when I interviewed him. Last November INSIGHT ran my story on the connections between Sanford Robertson, the Clinton/Gore Campaign and a company called RSA/Security Dynamics DO DONATIONS BUY POLITICAL FAVORS - Nov. 17, 1997. In summary, Robertson donated large amounts of money to the DNC in return for trade missions to China. In the case of RSA/Security Dynamics, Robertson raked in a cool $2 million dollars as a fee after RSA merged with Security Dynamics. Just by co-incidence, only a few weeks before the lucrative merger, RSA had announced a major deal to do encryption research with the communist Chinese government.

Careful inspection of Robertson's donations revealed he coughed up almost a million dollars to the DNC prior to RSA/SDI. In fact, VP Al Gore called Robertson for a donation from a White House phone in November of 1995. Robertson made the requested $100,000 donation to the Clinton/Gore campaign in late January, writing a check just days before the RSA/China public announcement.

When I interviewed Robertson in November of 1997 - he could not remember writing "those checks". He was sure it wasn't "hundreds of thousands" of dollars. He could not recall "going to China" and he could not "remember" meeting Bill Clinton at any of the fundraising parties. In contrast, Larry Klayman at Judicial Watch, published Robertson's personally written report on his August 1994 trade trip to China. Robertson addressed the report to Bill Clinton. It seems that Robertson was authorized to fly with Ron Brown under a "Presidential Business Development Mission" - a personal assignment from Bill Clinton.

Enclosed below is the first of several letters written by Mr. Robertson obtained by SOFTWAR using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). You can also view a JPEG image of the signed letter on my website at rsco.html

Robertson's letter to President Clinton specifically mentions how Ron Brown skipped over "human rights" during his talks with communist China. Brown, according to Robertson, used his diplomatic skills to get the Chinese on to really important "issues at hand, ie. helping Chrysler, Sprint and others with their joint ventures". Never let it be said that Americans sell out human rights for cash... Cash is too bulky ... Large checks or direct electronic transfers are much better.

Finally, Robertson concludes his letter to Clinton with a personal DNC donation report. Robertson's PS should end forever any doubt as to whether these trade trips were sold for donations to Democratic candidates. Robertson wrote "Bob Rubin came to our home on Thursday for a Dianne Feinstein dinner, which raised over $100,000 for her campaign".


November 1, 1994

President Bill Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500-2000

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for autographing the pictures taken in the cabinet
room before Ron Brown's delegation to China.  The trip seemed to
be an economic and diplomatic triumph.

One of the highlights was observing Ron Brown in the way he
represented the United States.  His diplomatic skills were
superb, particularly in the meeting with Li Peng.  He deftly
navigated the human rights issues by obtaining an agreement on
further talks, and then moved directly into the economic issues
at hand, i.e. helping Chrysler, Sprint and others with their
joint ventures

The twenty-five CEOs were all very impressed with his
diplomatic and commercial skills.  We all hoped that you and
your Administration could find increasing ways to utilize these

Thanks again for the great pictures.

Keep up the good work!

Sanford R. Robertson


P.S. - Bob Rubin came to our home on Thursday for a Dianne
Feinstein dinner, which raised over $100,000 for her campaign.
Bob, of course, turned out the financial community and Silicon

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