BOEING RAH-66 Comanche

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RAH-66 Comanche   Specifications

Powerplant:       Two T800-LHTEC-801 turboshaft
                  1,432 shaft horsepower (each)
Rotor system:     Five-bladed, bearingless main rotor
                  FANTAIL anti-torque 

Speed:            175 knots max, cruise 165 knots

Climb:            1,418 feet/minute

Maximum range:    1,260 nautial miles

Weight:           8,690 pounds empty, typical
                  mission 10,597 pounds

Armament:         nose cannon on turrent, TOW or
                  Hellfire missiles

   - Longbow fire-control radar 
   - Passive long-range, high-resolution sensors 
   - Triple-redundant fly-by-wire flight control  
   - Wide-field-of-view helmet-mounted display
   - Self-healing digital mission electronics 
   - Simple remove-and-replace maintenance

The Comanche was give demostration/validation go ahead in April 1991 and the contract awarded for the first prototype in January 1992. The Comanche is not slated to enter Army service until 2004.

The Comanche T800 engine was developed for the next generation, attack/reconnaissance helicopter. The prototype RAH-66 Comanche helicopter completed its first flight on January 4, 1996. The prototype was the seventh T800 engine flight; the T800 had accumulated over 2500 hours of flight time in the six previous helicopters.

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