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Chinese Delegation

Head of Delegation:
Mr. Qu Yongxiu    Deputy Director, Office of State Air Traffic
(Mr. CHOO)        Control Commission

Deputy Head of Delegation:
*Mr. Chen Xuhua   Director General, Air Traffic Management Bureau
(MR. CHUN)        General Administration of Civil Aviation of China 

Consultant of Delegation:
Mr. Xu Xinde      Deputy Chief of Staff, People' s Liberation Army
(MR. SHOE)        Air Force (PLAAF)

Mr. Zhang Yaokuan Deputy Head of Bureau, Office of State Air
(MR. JANG)        Traffic Control Commission

Mr. Fu Youyun     Director, Aeronautical Control Department,
(MR. FOO)         PLAAF Command

*Mr. Wang Zhigang Deputy Director, Office of the ATC System, 
(MR. WANG)        Department of Telecom & System Engineering,
                  Ministry of Electronics

*Mr. Li Wenxin    Official, Aeronautical Control Department
(MR. LEE)         PLAAF Command

*Mr. Xu Jianhua   Assistant Consultant, Office of State Air 
(MR. SHOE)        Traffic Control Commission

*Mr. Jin Yongfa   Official, Air Traffic Management Bureau of 
(MR. JEAN)        General Administration of Civil Aviation of 

*Ms. Wang Rui     Interpreter, Air Traffic Management Bureau of
(Ms. WONG)        General Administration of Civil Aviation of China

* Denotes English language capability

(participation dates noted below)


Mr. David Traynham, Assistant Administrator for Policy, Planning
and International Aviation, API-1 (July 20)

Mr. Steve Zaidman, Associate Administrator for Research and
Acquisitions, ARA-1 (July 20)

Mr. Ronald Morgan, Acting Associate Administrator for Air
Traffic Services, ATS-1 (July 20)

Mr. Charles Reavis, Manager, Air Traffic Services International
Office, ATS-30 (July 20-24)

Mr. John Hancock, Deputy Director, Office of International
Aviation, AIA-2 (July 20-22)

Ms. Beth Keck, Senior FAA Representative, Bcijing (July 20-24)

Ms. Jean Herz, China Desk Officer, Asia Pacific Division, Office
of International Aviation,AIA 400; (July 20-24)

Ms. Li Jie, Special Assistant to FAA Reprcsentative/Beijing and
Interpreter (July 20-24)

Mr. Robert Daly, Interpreter (July 20-23)

Department of Defense:

Mr. Neil Planzer, Executive Director, Department of Defense
Policy Board on Federal Aviation (AF/XOO-CA); 703/697-6937; F:
703/697-8313. (July 20-21)

Colonel John Wolf, USAF; Air Attache, Beijing (July 20-28)

"Lt. Colonel Jim Robilotta, USAF; Military Assistant, Department
of Defense Policy Board on Federal Aviation (AF/XOO-CA);, T:
703/614-8047; F: 703/697-8313 (July 20-24)

Major Dorotha Biernesser, Military Assistant for International
Airspace Initiatives, Department of Defense Policy Board on
Federal Aviation (AF/XOO-CA); T: 703/695-9274; F: 703/697-6937;
(July 20-21)

Major Mark Stokes, USAF; Country Director for China and
Mongolia, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense,
International Security Affairs, Asia and Pacific Affairs
(OSD-ISA); T: 703/697-4689; F: 703/697-7219 (July 20)

July 17 - 24 1998

Friday July 17 - Sunday July 19

Delegation arrives New York Friday 17 July, RON arranged by
Chinese New York Consulate. ARINC meets group Saturday morning
18 July, RON in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Dinner Sunday 19 July
hosted by ARINC CEO. ARINC delivers delegation to Crystal
Gateway Marriott. (4 nights hotel arranged by Raytheon for
Delegation in Washington DC.) ARINC contact: Ms. May Zhou, Tel.
410/266-2995; Fax. 410/266-2329.

Reservations for delegation: (Sunday July 19 through Wednesday
July 22):

(Confirmation numbers listed at end of schedule)

Crystal Gateway Marriott               Telephone: 703/920-3230
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway           Fax:       703/271-5229
Arlington VA 22202

Washington Program Ground Transportation for USG appointments
arranged by FAA (25 passenger van): Driver: Mr. Abdul Malek
Diri, pager 703/422-0989 
BBC Express, Mr. Radcliff Taylor; 
Tel: 703/707-2020; Fax: 202/479-4353

Monday July 20, 1998

7:40 AM  Delegation departs Hotel for FAA via charter bus

8:10 AM  Arrive FAA escorted to 10th Floor Round Room.
         Federal Aviation Administration
         800 Independence Avenue SW
         Washington DC 20591
         Contact: Ms. Julie Helms, Tel: 202/267-7172; 
         Fax: 202/267-5032
         Ms. Jean Herz, Tel: 202/267-8173; 
         Cell Phone 202/366-8366

8:15 AM  Opening remarks and welcome by:
         Mr. John Hancock, Deputy Director, Office of
         International Aviation FAA/AIA-2

         Greetings by:
         Mr. David Traynham, Assistant Administrator for Policy,
         Planning, and International Aviation, FAA/API-1
         Mr. Steve Zaidman, Associate Administrator for Research
         and Acquisitions, FAA/ARA- 1
         Mr. Neil Planzer, Executive Director, Department of
         Defense Policy Board on Federal Aviation
         Mr. Ron Morgan, Acting Associate Administrator for Air
         Traffic Services, FAA/ATS- 1

         Location: 10th Floor Round Room

         "Framework" Meeting led on U.S. side by:

         Mr. Charles Reavis, Manager, Air Traffic Services
         Intemational Staff, FAA/AAT-30
         Mr. John Hancock, Deputy Director, Office of
         International Aviation, FAA/AIA-2
         Mr. Neil Planzer, Executive Director, Department of
         Defense Policy Board on Federal Aviation, AF/X00-CA)

11:30 AM Depart FAA for Pentagon (Major Biemesser will arrange
         clearance and parking location for vehicle)

1:15 PM  Lunch at Pentagon, Executive Dining Room, Lounge #4 FAA
         attendees: Chuck Reavis, John Hancock, Beth Keck, Jean
         Herz, Li Jie, Robert Daly)

1:30 PM  Meeting with Brig. General Michael Kudlacz Assistant
         Director, Operations and Training, USAF (AX00) (will
         soon assume position of Director, replacing Gen.
         Henderson) Location: Conference room 4E189

3:00 PM  Meeting with Major General (Select) Wallace Gregson
         (USMC) Director for Asian and Pacific Affairs Office of
         Assistant Secretary for International Security Affairs
         Office of Secretary of Defense Location: Conference
         Room 4E189

3:00 PM  Conclusion of DoD appointments.
         FAA-Chartered bus retums delegation to Hotel.

6:00 PM  Dinner hosted by MITRE at Mariott Crystal Gateway,
         Madison Room

Tuesday July 21, 1998

8:30 AM  Delegation departs hotel via FAA-chartered bus

9:00 AM  Further "Framework" discussions and conclusion
         (Location: FAA. 10th Floor Round Room) Sign meeting
         record and agreements for further cooperation

9:30 AM  FAA and DoD Combined briefing on Civilian/Military
         Relationships (Location: FAA, 10th Floor Round Room)
         (Mr. Chuck Reavis and Lt. Col.  Lamond)

11:50 AM FAA-chartered bus departs for L'Enfant Plaza Hotel

12:00 PM Lunch hosted by FAA (The American Grill at L'Enfant
         Plaza Hotel) POC: Ms. Jenny Lucas, 202-646-4433

1:30 PM  Depart L'Enfant Plaza Hotel for MITRE Headquarters
         (MITRE provides transportation)
         1820 Dolley Madison Boulevard
         McLean VA 22102-3481
         Contacts: Dr. C.C. Hsin, Tel: 703/883-5208, 
         Fax: 703/883-6809
         Ms. Celia Fremberg, Tel: 703/883-5622, 
         Fax: 703/883-3309

2:15 PM  MITRE program, including meeting with Mr. Victor
         DeMarines, President and CEO of MITRE

4:00 PM  Depart MITRE for meetings with Raytheon (MITRE provides
         transportation to Raytheon; Raytheon provides
         transportation for rest of day's program) (Raytheon Rep
         will meet outside building) Location:

         1100 Wilson Boulevard (USA Today Building), Arlington
         VA Contacts:

         (1) Dr. C.T. Tang, Program Manager, International ATC
         Tel: 508/490-3766; Fax: 508/490-4101;

         (2) Mr. Rocky Gmeiner, tel 703/284-4308
         Raytheon meeting to include discussion with Mr. Robert
         Beard, President and CEO of Raytheon/Washington, Mr.
         Steve Teel, and Mr. Rocky Gmeiner

6:30 PM  Dinner hosted by Raytheon.

9:00 PM  Return to Hotel

Wednesday July 22, 1998

7:30 AM  Depart hotel for Dover AFB (Transportation via
         FAA-arranged charter bus) USG attendees:Hancock,
         Reavis, Keck, Li Jie, Herz, Wolf, Robilotta, Daly.
         (Hancock, Reavis, Herz, Biernesser, Robilotta and Daly
         to meet bus at hotel) (Approximately two and one-half
         hour drive to Dover)

10:00 AM Arrive Dover
         At Dover AFB, delegation will see a military approach
         control facility which controls both civil and military

12:00 PM Lunch at Dover Air Force Base

1:00 PM  Depart Dover

5:00 PM  Arrive Washington, D.C.

6:00 PM  Depart Hotel via FAA-chartered bus

6:30 PM  Dinner hosted by Sr. Col. Wang Yingjun, Air Attache,
         Chinese Embassy

         Location: Defense Attache Offices
         2139 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.
         Washington D.C.
         Tel: 202/295-2521; fax: 202/338-1690
         Total 6 from U.S. side (Planzer, Hancock, Keck, Wolf,
         Reavis Daly)

         FAA-chartered bus returns delegation to hotel at
         conclusion of dinner

Thursday, July 23, 1998

6:30 AM  Depart hotel for Reagan National Airport via
         FAA-chartered bus

8:00 AM  Depart Reagan National Airport for Atlanta on Delta
         flight 585. (Chuck Reavis travels via separate flight
         from Dulles Airport).  Note: Delta will tag Delegation
         luggage with "group" tags so they may be checked
         through to Pensacola.  Delta Contact: Mr. John
         D'Alesio, Consumer Affairs Office, Tel: 404/715-1401;
         fax: 404/715-1400

9:51 AM  Arrive Atlanta. Local transportation arranged by FAA.
         40 minute drive to ARTCC.
         Contact: AAA Transport System - Tony
         Tel: 404/252-3838, Fax: 404/255-8824

11:00 AM 
1:00 PM  Briefings at FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center
         299 Woolsey Road, Hampton Georgia 30228
         Contacts: Mr. Thurston Tel. 770/210-7565 (Center)
         Ms. Terri Johnson, Office of AF Representative, FAA
         Southern Region Tel: 404/305-6900

         At this center the delegation will see air traffic
         simulation; controllers involved in enroute training,
         and military operations and support.

1:00 PM  Depart Center for return to Airport
(approx) Lunch stop enroute (hosted by FAA)

5:25 PM  Depart Atlanta for Pensacola via Delta flight 744

5:31 PM  Arrive Pensacola, Florida

         POC: Lt. Moffit
         Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola providing 2 passenger
         vans with drivers for entire visit.

         Ron Pensacola NAS BOQ

Friday July 24; 1998

9:00 AM  Briefings at Pensacola Naval Air Station
         Pensacola is the air traffic training facility for the
         U.S. Navy. The Delegation will see air traffic training
         by military trainees based on FAA Order 7110.65 (Air
         Traffic Training Manual) and military air traffic
         control operations.  The air station has an air traffic
         control tower and radar facilities.

12:00    Lunch - Officer's Club

4:35 PM  Depart Pensacola for Los Angeles via Delta flight 680
         (via Atlanta)

6:51 PM  Flight 680 arrives Atlanta

8:00 PM  Connecting Delta flight 1995 departs for Los Angeles

9:25 PM  Flight 1995 arrives Los Angeles

Los Angeles Program - hosted by MITRE

Delegation departs Los Angeles for China on July 26




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