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United States Visit
China Air Traffic Control Survey Delegation
7-17 April, 1993

7 April, Wednesday

Arrive in New York by CA 981. Delegation met in New York by AT&T
Representatives, who will provide ground transportation and
arrange New York program.

AT&T Contact:
  Ms. Susan Gurnsey
  Tel: 703/271-7615

8 April, Thursday
6:00 PM

Depart New York via Metroliner (arranged by AT&T)

9:00 PM

Arrive Washinqton DC, Union Station.

Greeted by -

  Mr. Dale E. McDaniel, Acting Assistant
     Administrator for Policy, Planning
     & International Aviation
  Ms. Jean Herz, International Trade

  Mr. John Nugent
  Ms. Linda Vinias

Transfer to hotel (arranged by AT&T):
  Ramada Inn Downtown
  1430 Rhode Island Avenue N.W.
  Washington DC
  Tel: 202/462-7777

Chinese Embassy contact:
  Liu Hua
  Tel: 202/328-2531
  Fax: 202/265-7523


9 April, Friday
9:00 AM

DOT van picks up Jean Herz at FAA, Independence Avenue SW

9:20 AM

Delegation departs Ramada Inn via Department of Transportation
vehicles (One 14-passenger van, Tel: 366-8160, one 6-passenger
minivan, Tel: 366-8162)

Contact: Mr. Montgomery, DOT Motor Pool
   Tel: 202/366-0580
   Fax: 202/366-7102

NOTE.: Mr. Liu and Minister-Counselor Pan will follow vans in
Embassy car. Mr. Liu will drop Minister Pan off with rest of
delegation in front of FAA building. FAA staff will assist Mr.
Liu with parking his diplomatic vehicle in FAA garage.

Arrive FAA Headquarters. Met in FAA lobby by AIA 220 staff 800
Independence Avenue SW Washington DC 20591

All meetings on April 9 and 12 will be held in the Round Room,
10th floor.

10:00 AM

AOA greeting/Photographer/Chinese Response

ME. Joseph M. Del Balzo
Acting Administrator
Tel: 267-3111 (AOA-1)

10:20 AM

Program Introduction and FAA Overview

Mr. Dale E. McDaniel
Acting Assistant Administrator for Policy,
        Planning, & International Aviation
Tel: 267-3033 (API-1)

10:35 AM

Chinese Response


10:45 AM

Cooperative Agreement Briefing/Discussion

Mr. William Pollard
Associate Administrator for Air Traffic
Tel: 267-3666 (AAT-1)

Mr. John-A. Butt
Executive Director for System Development
Tel: 267-7222 (AXD-1)

Mr. Anthony Broderick
Associate Administrator for Regulation and
Tel: 267-3131 (AVR-1)

11:30 PM

Depart for Lunch hosted by FAA via DOT vehicles.

Location: Fort McNair Officer's Club - Pershing Room

NOTE: Mr. Liu and Minister-Counselor Pan will join the
delegation for lunch and will proceed using PRC Embassy vehicle.
Mr. Liu returns to join delegation for afternoon FAA program;
Minister Pan returns to Embassy.

1:15 PM

Return from Lunch

1:30 PM

ATC System Overview
Mr. L. Lane Speck
Director, Air Traffic Rules and Procedures
Service, Tel: 267-9205 (ATP-1)

2:00 PM

FAA Airspace Management Briefing
Mr. Paul Gallant
Military Air Space Specialist, Military
Operations Program Office, Tel: 267-9361

2:50 PM

Break for tea and coffee

3:00 PM

Department of Defense Airspace Briefing
Mr. Frank Colson
Executive Director, Policy Board on Federal
Aviation, Tel: 703/697-6937

4:00 PM


5:00 PM

Delegation departs via DOT vehicles (return to Ramada Inn).


7:00 PM

Dinner for entire delegation hosted by Former Senator Charles
Percy and Raytheon at

The City Tavern Club
3206 M Street N.W.
Tel: 202/337-8770

  Ms. Ellen Harpel, Charles Percy &
  Tel: 202/872-1167

NOTES: 1. Delegation to arrange own transportation to Percy
dinner 2. Mr. (and Mrs.) Butt and John Hancock will attend from

10 April, Saturday   Open in Washington (AT&T)

11 April, Sunday     Open in Washington (Embassy)

12 April, Monday

8:00 AM

Depart Ramada Inn via DOT vehicles

8:25 AM

Met in FAA lobby

8:30 AM

Tour of Central Flow Facility
Air Traffic Control System Command Center
Mr. Donald G. Eddy
Assistant Program Manager for Operations
Phone: 267-7960 (ATM-200)

9:20 AM

Tea and coffee break

9:30 AM

Next steps discussion/question and answer session

Mr. John Burr
Mr. William Pollard
Mr. Dale E. McDaniel
Mr. Frank Colson
Mr. Anthony Broderick


11:30 AM                  

Delegation departs FAA

12:00 PM

Refreshments at Andrews Air Force Base Officer's Club, Garden
Room, hosted by Department of Defense. Messrs. Wang, Jiang and
Liu join the group at Andrews following their meeting at the
State Department.

12:30 PM

Lunch - Andrews Air Force Base Officer's Club Garden Room

  Lt. Col. Jed Allen
  Tel: 703/697-0822
  Fax: 703/693-8891

1:50 PM

Ms.Wendy Urban (301/763-5340) arrives-at the Officer's Club and
escorts the delegation to the Tower and Tracon

3:30 PM

Andrews Air Force Base Briefing/Tour of Tower/Approach Control

  Mr. John Broderick, Manager
  Tel: 301/763-5340
  Fax: 301/735-3402

Return to Ramada Inn Downtown Hotel via DOT vehicles

6:00 PM

Depart Ramada Inn via DOT vehicles

6:30 -
8:30 PM

Industry reception arranged by Air Traffic Control Association
at: Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel (Tidewater Room)

2799 Jefferson Davis Highway
Tel: 703/418-1234

ATCA Contact:
  Mr. Gabe Hartl, President
  Ms. Carol Newmaster
  Tel: 703/522-5717


NOTE: Mr. Frank Lee, FAA Chinese interpreter, will attend
reception and will be available to assist with translations

8:30 PM

Depart Hyatt Regency via DOT vehicles, return to Ramada Inn

13 April, Tuesday

7:15 AM

DOT Vans pick up Ms. Jeri Carso at FAA (Independence Avenue SW
entrance), proceed to Ramada Inn

7:45 AM

Depart Ramada Inn via DOT vehicles.  (One 14-passenger, one
6-passenger, plus cargo van for luggage)

Ms. Jeri Carson, FAA International Office, will accompany group.
Mr. Frank Lee, FAA Interpreter, will meet group at Leesburg

9:00 -
10:00 AM

Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center Leesburg, Virginia

  Mr. Ken Thomas
  Tel: (703) 771-3521

Transfer to Dulles Airport, Hawthorne Fixed Base Operator via
DOT vehicles Hawthorne, Tel: 703/661-0150 (map attached)

11:00 AM

Depart Washinqton DC via special flights provided by Cessna to
Wichita, Kansas.

Cessna Representative:
  Mr. Alfred Lau, Tel: 604/222-1901 (or Mr.
  Vieth or MaT. pemberton, Te1:316/941-6000)

Overnight in Wichita


14 April, Wednesday

7:30 AM

Depart Wichita for Seattle via special flight provided by Cessna

8:30 AM (Est)

Arrive Boeing Field

NOTE: Boeing will meet flight from Wichita, transfer delegation
to hotel, and provide all ground transportation in Seattle (with
exception of Thursday morning FSI program)

Visit Boeing Commercial Airplane Company
  Mr. Matt Chen, Director of International
  Tel: 206/237-4471
  FAX: 206/237-8566


Dinner hosted by Mr. Frank Shrontz, Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of The Boeing Company

NOTE: Hotel arrangements provided by Boeing - Residence Inn,
Tukwilla, Washington (near Renton) Tel: 206/226-5500

15 April, Thursday

7:30 -
9:00 AM

Flight Safety International
(Mr. Jiang Zhuping only)

Seattle Airline Learning Center
1505 South 192 Street
Seattle, Washington 98148
  Mr. Gene Clow
  Tel: 206/243-9081
  Fax: 206/243-0357

Mr. Bruce Whitman
Tel: 718/565-4112
FAX: 718/565-4134

NOTE: FSI will pick up Mr. Jiang at hotel and take him to
Seattle Center following his morning meeting. FSI Representative
from Beijing, Liu Ting, will interpret for FSI.


NOTE: FSI has following simulator equipment at this location:
Boeing 737-300 (EFIS); Boeing 757-200; and Boeing 767-300ER

9:00 -
10:30 AM

Seattle Air Route Traffic Control Center
3101 Auburn Way South
Auburn, Washington 98002

  Mr. Terry Falkner, Manager
  Tel: 206/931-5210
  Fax: 206/931-5208

10:30 AM

Depart Seattle Center (30 minute's drive to airport) via Boeing

12:45 AM
Depart Seattle:
a) 5 members of delegation proceed to Butler Aviation for flight
on MD 90 to Long Beach (Messrs. Wang, Jiang, Kui, Li Yongtai and
Li Keli)

b) rest of delegation proceeds to United Airlines flight 865 to
Los Angeles International Airport

(McDonnell Douglas representative will assist with boarding)

3:11 PM

Arrive Los Anqeles, International Airport via UA 865

NOTE: McDonnell Douglas representatives will meet the flight
from Seattle, and provide hotel and transportation arrangements
during the Los Angeles program.

Transfer to Residence Inn, Long Beach
Tel: 310/595-0909

5:30 PM

Depart Residence Inn

6:00 PM

Dinner for entire delegation hosted by Mr.  Robert Hood,
President of Douglas Aircraft Company.


16 April, Friday


Visit McDonnell Douglas Corporation
  Mr. John Bruns
  Tel: 310/982-5977
  Fax: 310/982-6906


Open in Los Angeles (McDonnell Douglas

OR: Delegation can visit Los Angeles
International Airport Tower and Tracon.
Delegation should advise of their Preference
after arrival in Washington. (Please advise
Jean Herz, FAA).

17 April, Saturday

Depart Los Angeles for Sydney via UA 815

Schedule Coordinator: Ms. Jean Herz
United States Federal Aviation Administration
80a Independence Avenue S.W.
Washington DC 20515
Telephone: 202/267-8173
Facsimile: 202/267-5306
DOT Motor Pool: Mr. Montgomery,  Tel: 202/366-0580
               14-Passenger van, Tel: 202/366-8160
                6-Passenger van, Tel: 202/366-8162


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