Explosive Magnetocumulative Generator Warhead

The process of creating the magnetic field in an EMG generator requires a coil wrapped in belt of explosives, shaped to create an implosion. Before detonation, current is sent throught the coil which creates a small magnetic field for a split second. The explosives are then detonated to "squeeze" the coil rapidly and create an extremely high-magnetic-field. The joint experiments being done by scientists from Los Alamos and Arazamas-16 have used this type of generator with large multicoil systems.

BGM-109 "TOMAHAWK" equipped with EMG warheads would be aimed at enemy electronics

In military form, the EMG is a conventional warhead that produces a magnetic pulsed field equal to a small nuclear bomb. EMGs can knock out computers, radios, radars and fry a wide variety of electronic devices. The U.S. version, an EMG warhead equipped Tomahawk cruise missile, was considered by the Clinton administration for "non-lethal" strikes against Serbian radar and command posts. Russian versions vary but two have been openly developed for Speznatz (special forces) operations, a backpack EMG and a grenade sized EMG.

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