PLA Unit COSTIND Penetrated The White House

Feb. 18, 1999


Richmond, Virginia

In what can only be described as a swift, total and stunning victory - SOFTWAR defeated the Clinton administration in Federal Court today. During a pre-trial hearing, Richmond Federal Judge Robert Payne ordered the Commerce Dept. to deliver all documents in reference to the Chinese Army Unit COSTIND within 60 days.

Judge Payne's ruling came after Joan Evans, Assistant United States Attorney representing the Commerce Dept., failed to show a reasonable cause to withhold the documents.

Judge Payne called the Clinton administration defense arguments "too weak". Judge Payne also noted that the Commerce Dept. had defined the Freedom of Information request by Softwar to be as tiny "as a BB pellet".

"I want you to open this up all the way," Payne ordered the Justice lawyer. "I want it full bore, double barrel, 12 gauge, shotgun open. I want everything."

Ms. Evans, the Dept. of Justice lawyer, noted that the Commerce Dept. has already discovered "thirteen" documents responsive to the SOFTWAR request on the Chinese Army Unit that met with Ron Brown.

Judge Payne warned the DOJ lawyer and the Commerce Dept. to comply with his orders.

"I will come down on you like a ton of bricks," Judge Payne warned the Dept. of Justice lawyer representing Commerce. "I don't want any fooling around."

Judge Payne also ruled that any documents that Commerce wishes to withhold under any national security provisions may be reviewed by the Court. This review is called a "Vaughn" index after the Court case in which it was first established. The index is a complete description of each document and the reason to hold them from release. Judge Payne will review the index of the documents and if necessary, review the documents themselves to ensure the withholding is correct and legal.

Judge Payne ordered the Dept. of Justice attorneys representing Commerce to work with SOFTWAR to develop a reference of meetings, documents, and known personnel of COSTIND. Commerce can use that reference to respond but the reference will in no way limit the search for responsive materials.


Richmond - Virginia.

SOFTWAR and the Commerce Dept. go to Federal Court today for pre-trial hearings over a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Softwar took the Commerce Dept. to court when the agency refused to release records involving meetings between Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and the Chinese Army unit COSTIND.

According to the GAO, "COSTIND" - the Chinese Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense, "oversees development of China's weapon systems and is responsible for identifying and acquiring telecommunications technology applicable for military use."

The Commerce Dept. refuses to "confirm or deny" that data on COSTIND exists inside their files. According to the Commerce Dept., even if records on COSTIND did exist - they would be withheld in the "national interest".

Softwar argues that Commerce has already returned loads of documents on COSTIND. According to documents obtained from the Commerce Dept., COSTIND Lt. General Shen Rougjun met with Ron Brown and Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz at the personal request of President Bill Clinton.

You can see some of the documents that, according to Commerce, do not exist and should have been withheld in the national interest at:

  • DOD report on COSTIND found inside Commerce files
  • LORAL CEO & Ron Brown meet COSTIND Lt. General Shen Rougjun


    DF-15 Chinese Tactical Missile

    The Pentagon - Virginia.

    The Defense Dept. has upped their estimate on the number of intermediate and short range Chinese ballistic missile facing Taiwan. According to the Defense Dept., satellite photos now show over 200 DF-11 and DF-15 mobile units are in position to fire their missiles at the tiny island Republic. The red missiles are reported to be armed with nuclear and chemical warheads.

    According to the little red book (Chairman Mao) the nuclear and chemical warheads are under the control of Communist party Politburo officers. The warheads are carried separately under Politburo guard and only attached to the mobile missiles under the direct command from Beijing party headquarters.

    DOD satellite photos also show that China has already begun their new nuclear missile program. DOD has quietly reported that China is scheduled to deploy an estimated 600 new mobile short and medium range tactical missiles over the next 24 months. The DOD total force estimates are based on known production and new storage/basing facilities built for the Chinese 2nd Artillery Corps.

    The tactical DF-15 mobile missiles are currently being produced at their highest rate ever recorded. China previously manufactured no more than one DF-15 missile per month. DOD analysts say that satellite photos show that China has increased mobile missile production to as many as 20 brand new nuclear tipped units per month.

    China is expected to field a total force of about 1,000 nuclear tipped missiles, including a large number of strategic mobile missiles capable of striking anywhere in America. The new Chinese DF-41 mobile ICBM is based on the Russian SS-27 Topol M.


    Taipei - Taiwan.

    Taiwan has rushed their newly purchased, extended range version of the U.S. Patriot missile into service. The Taiwan Defense ministry announced they have rushed 400 hastily trained Army personnel and the new Patriots into action. 200 ROC Patriots have been activated around Taipei in response to the nuclear tipped mobile missiles now facing Taiwan from the communist Chinese Army.


    AGM-86B USAF Air Launched Cruise Missile

    The Gulf

    DOD sources say the Iraqi secure fiber-optic integrated air defense network (NATO codename TIGER SONG) is still very active. According to bomb damage assessments, the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in DESERT FOX (Monica-Storm) missile strikes did not knock out the Iraqi Internet for SAM missiles installed by the Chinese Army under contract to Saddam Hussein.

    The Iraqi "Tiger Song" air defense network is made up of U.S. and French fiber-optic systems sold to China under so-called "commercial" licenses. In 1994, the Clinton administration allowed an encrypted fiber-optic, network to be sold by AT&T directly to a unit of the Chinese Army. The system included the encryption source code.

    In addition, according to the GAO, President Clinton personally approved the export of an encrypted, fiber-optic, air traffic control system directly to the Chinese Army Air Force (PLAAF).


    The Gulf

    U.S. forces have changed tactics, following the unsuccessful strikes against the Iraqi "Tiger Song" system. U.S. forces are now concentrating on Iraqi Surface-To-Air (SAM) missile units and radars instead of attacking the fiber-optic command network.

    One change is a new recon robot drone. The USAF has just activated a unit of PREDATOR unmanned aerial vehicles over Iraq. The Predator's mission is to find and target Iraqi SAM missile units with its computer imaging Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

    The change in U.S. tactics also includes a new weapon in the American arsenal. The JSOW (Joint Standoff Weapon) was used in anger for the first time against an Iraqi Surface-To-Air (SAM) missile battery. The 2,000 glide bomb was delivered by a U.S. NAVY F/A-18 Hornet and scored a direct hit on the Iraqi SA-3 (NATO codename "GOA") mobile missile unit.

    According to NAVY sources, the heavy JSOW was "much more lethal" than expected. The results were so impressive that the Air Force is accelerating their purchase of the long range glide bomb to replace shorter range laser and TV guided smart bombs.



    Feb. 17, 1999

    Victory! Softwar is pleased to announce that the Dept. Of Justice has released the HUBBELL documents. Softwar is in the process of evaluating the documents.

    In addition, the Dept. of Justice now officially recognizes SOFTWAR as a member of the "media". The Dept. of Justice decision is considered a TOTAL victory for Freedom of Information and open government.

    Softwar could not have done it without you. The Softwar appeal included a telephone and mail campaign by our fans to force the Dept. of Justice to surrender the HUBBELL files.

    Special thanks go to fellow WORLDNETDAILY columnist and radio talk show host Michael Reagan and his listeners. Their efforts were invaluable in finally forcing Janet Reno to release the documents.

    Stay Tuned - More to COME!

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