IN the early 1990s newly formed Russia and old guard China cut a deal. Russia would send advanced SA-10 Grumble, surface to air, missiles to China for money. At the time the deal seemed prudent for both parties all around. Russia was strapped for cash, and China had just witnessed American airpower dismember a larger Iraqi force equipped with Chinese weapons. This little known billion dollar arms deal set a whole world into motion. China suddenly recognized that their arsenal of aging Soviet knock-off weapons would be obsolete in less than a decade. The massive People's Army would be helpless in the face of superior US technology which could immobilize the giant with pin-point accuracy. A vulnerable China acted in her own self interest to shore up her aging missile forces. The exchange of firepower took place and soon the Chinese were producing their own SA-10s. New arrows to arm the dragon.

In an effort to improve their vast forces the Chinese began to look outwards toward other technologies from the former Russian super-power and the (tm) sole remaining world power, America. For example, last year Ukrainian police arrested a Chinese technician who had obtained plans to one of the most powerful missiles on Earth, the massive,nuclear tipped, Satan ballistic missile. These plans included details of the Satan multiple warhead technology. The MIRV designs could greatly improve China's long range nuclear missile force and multiply the number of nuclear warheads aimed at the US in their arsenal from ten or twenty to well over one hundred.

Other outlines of this techno-espionage home shopper's club became known in 1994 when Pentagon intelligence officials grew concerned over US Patriot technology being leaked to China. It quickly became apparent that the Chinese had incorporated some of the finer features of Patriot into their SA-10 copies, greatly improving it's performance, in particular, against aircraft. These concerns were passed on to then Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown. In response to those concerns the Clinton administration took no action to stop US technology from being sold.

However, arrows sometimes fall into the wrong places. Several articles appeared in Aviation Week and Space Technology alleging Israel had also leaked missile technology to China. At one point, DRAGONAIR, an airline part owned by the Chinese government and part owned by Moctar Riady, was fined for carrying a live Chinese missile as cargo while also flying passengers. The missile, and the airliner full of people, was bound for Israel. It was enclosed in a mislabeled box and partially dismantled. Again, the advanced Russian missile was destine to be improved with US and Israeli seeker technology. Again, the Clinton administration choose to ignore the warnings.

To many the the connection between China and Israel seems like an odd coupling but in reality their relationship goes back to the eighties and the Iran/Iraq war. China and Israel supplied arms to both sides. In fact, President Reagan okayed a sale of Israeli gun sights, based on US technology, to China for tanks that would equip Iraq. China and Israel played middlemen as massive amounts of equipment were sent to either Iraq or Iran. China and Israel were conduits and industrial producers, far from the watchful eyes of voters and investors in America, that could be used to smuggle T-55 tanks to one side and TOW missiles to the other. The official American policy of stalemate would alternate, depending on circumstances, to stop either side from winning or losing.

The nineties, however, were quite different. The Department of State and the Pentagon approached the GAO in 1995 with a request to study the Commerce Department approval of dual use technology sales to China. The GAO report concluded that Ron Brown had more or less opened the door to everything but the kitchen sink. Secretary Brown's Far East commerce trips corresponded with each new batch of approvals for dual use, advanced US technology. The assertions by Mr. Brown that the US products would be monitored behind the bamboo curtain were simply pipe dreams since the Chinese would not allow such follow ups. This report is available here on the Internet at the GAO web site:

In late February, 1996, the Chinese Warlords were finally able to buy their way into the White House when Wang Jun entered for a coffee with President Clinton. Wang would donate $690,000 to the Democratic National Committee in a quiet effort to reward those who have helped China. Wang, a son of the ruling class in China, had far more than a few checks in his pocket. Wang has also been accused of attempting to smuggle 2,000 fully automatic AK-47s to Florida drug gangs. Wang Jun's history as an arms dealer is world renowned. It was Wang who set up the original delicate deal with Russia to buy the SA-10 Grumble. Wang was among a host of other unsavory characters to pass through the White House and leave a check. Wang's credentials as a dealer in billion dollar weapontry were well established long before 1996.

Today, President Clinton says he knew nothing of all this.

Is he serious? Are not missiles and world domination the very essence of Presidential power? Did the warnings issued over the last few years by various sources, ranging from the GAO to the Pentagon, fall on deaf ears at the White House? One would expect the President would at least familiarize himself with people he was about to meet. A simple briefing on Wang Jun would have set alarm bells off in a heartbeat. In fact, his administration took the money and went back to sleep. Like a guard-dog bribed with a t-bone steak the Clinton administration ignored the threat and took the cash. Now US pilots are tracked by Chinese missiles equipped with US technology and US cities are threatened by nuclear tipped missiles guided by US science.

Arrows stolen from the Eagle's quiver to arm the Dragon.

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